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Your Ultimate Guide to an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

The fashion line is claimed to be the 2nd most pollutant industry in the world. Clothes made up of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, acrylic and nylon stack up in the shops as the demands increase. In our fast-paced life, the terms like non-wrinkle, easy-maintenance clothes are getting popular which are usually based on man-made fabrics. Moreover, an average man/woman clogs his wardrobe with trendy clothes which would last only a season. One of the major motivations for fast fashion and no-repeat influencers are the celebrities who are shamed on by the media and the people for repeating their clothes and award ceremonies which are deviated towards ‘who-wore-what’ and ‘best and worst dressed’ from the actual purpose; celebrating and recognizing talent in the industry.
On the positive note, change is stirring up. Several celebrities have been spotted repeating outfits on various occasions; the list includes Kim Kardashian, Harry Styles, Kate Middleton and the most recent and media-st…
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Bath and Body Works Haul and Review [2018]

One of the most exciting blog posts in the past couple of weeks. I and my girls, Smrithi and Apurva, went on a shopping spree recently to Deira City Centre, Dubai and little did we know that the Bath and Body works Buy 3, Get 3 offer would hit us like a tsunami. We went into the mall hoping to shop for our girl Smrithi's Australia trip and we wound up on the Bath and Body Works floor for a whopping 1-2 hours, our noses filled with all kinds of scents by the time we were out with our first ever products. 
Here's a list of things that we got: 
Perfume MistsMagic in the air, Thousand Wishes, Dark Kiss, and  Endless Weekends Body Creams Hello Beautiful, and Essentials Oils: Lavender and Sandal WoodPERFUME MISTS 1. Magic in the air 
I have been using this perfume mist for the past 1-2 weeks on a regular basis and I would say I am full-on satisfied with it. The scent is mild and sweet which makes for a perfect everyday spritz as it doesn't overpower me and those around me. To add o…

10 Stunning Women at the Royal Wedding

Saturday, 19th of May, 2018 marked the wedding date of the traditions defying couple, Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex and Rachel Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, once again proving that love wins no matter the odds. The iconic day was filled with fancy decorations, lots of cake, upbeat music, royal members and the couple's A-list celebrity friends along with adorable bridesmaids and page-boys with 18 million Britons and 2 billion people worldwide tuning in to witness the most-awaited day of the year.
In addition, the Royal family hosted 2,640 members of the public and about 600 others, everyone expected to put their best foot forward in terms of glamour and style.Keeping our eyes glued to our mobile screens for any photos or videos for who wore what,