4 Summer Hand Bag Trends Followed by Every Instagram Fashionista


If you are a 90s kid, you will surely remember those ugly fanny packs worn only at airports by dads or during grocery shopping by tired mums. However, they made a major come back this summer along with the recently launched Dior Saddle Bags and the fishermen net bags. I must admit I never liked the fanny packs because a) I didn’t have much of a fashion sense back then b) they just looked weird. However, I cannot wait to get my hands upon one now. With a large variety of hand accessories launching this summer season, it’s hard to choose what to wear at certain events and occasions with our outfits. Join me as I talk more about these bags, my favorites and styling options.

1. Dior Saddle Bag

02-4-Summer-Hand-Bag-Trends-Followed-By-Every-Instagram-Fashionista- Dior-Saddle-Bag
Photo Credits: Dior

The bag had a mega launch on the 19th of July, last week when our Instagram feeds flooded with influencers and bloggers; from Camila Coelho to Nadya Hassan; styling this beauty. This kidney-shaped bag comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and straps; we sure are spoilt for choice. The bag was first introduced in the early 2000s where it proved to be a massive hit and made an appearance in Sex and the City. Maria Grazia Chiuri; Dior’s creative director; decided it should come back; that too with a bang.  This uniquely shaped bag ranges from $2,350 to $8,500. It certainly has a class of its own. Popping it up in my wish-list; just in case you know! 😉

2. Fisher-Net Bags

Photo Credits: Vogue

If Dior Saddle Bag’s price drowned you in debt this bag would save you. When comparing to the Dior Saddlebags, the fisherman-net-bags are completely opposite in terms of prices. Gone are the days of canvas totes which we carried around for almost all occasions; these are the days of fisher net bags! You can find these bags online for prices as low as $15 and if you fancy a pricier version the luxury brands have got you covered for that as well. Be it a casual beach party with friends or a networking event at your company the net bags will make sure you look stylish all the time. Finally, these bags make me feel like a country girl strolling around the farmer’s market on a sunny morning so you know your girl is gonna buy it!

3. Bum Bags

Photo Credits: ASOS

Call them as fanny packs, bum bags or belt bags. They are back and so much prettier. These come in a large variety with various size options; no one would be left behind. These can be worn with a dress around the waist as a belt, worn across the chest or around a pair of jeans. Also, it's unisex!  One of the reasons why I love it? Your hands remain all free for shopping, carrying a baby (if you are a mommy), or just to do anything. I am the kind of person who would carry a huge heavy bag to a mall and forget it out there; this one bag proves to be a good option as it clings to my waist all the time. [On a side note, I forgot my school bag on the school bus when I was 13. Yeah, you can guess that I don’t have the best memory. Umm, what was this blog post all about?] 😝😜

4. Straw Bags

The Straw Bags are available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. Three of the most popular styles this season are; Basket Straw bags, Circular Straw Bags and Ark bags. All of these are made up of straw or bamboo-like material. 
Photo Credits: TopShop

Firstly, the basket straw bags; these are miniature versions of picnic baskets and much cuter. They look adorable with every summery outfit and can also be carried to work as they are small enough to carry around and big enough to hold our lunch. 


Secondly, the circular straw bags; these look unique, fresh and prove to be a great ‘throw-on’ bag. If you are running errands or going out for a quick walk; grab yourselves one as it has enough space to hold mobile phones, cash, cards and few beauty essentials. 
Photo Credits: ModeSense

Finally, the ark bag or also called the chic bag are super classy and are made for all kinds of formal events [not that you can’t wear them otherwise]! Their edgy look makes the carrier look more confident and sexy in its own kind of way. You can also wrap scarfs around any handbag to give it an instant boost of style!   

Now if you lovelies would excuse me I need to go get my hands on one of these straw bags! Comment below letting me know which one of these bags was your favorite?

Until next time,

Stay Janvacious!