10 Super Tips for a Stylish Summer

10 Super Tips for a Stylish Summer

Summer is here, which means summer vacation trips are here! All of us want to look not only our most stylish self but also, want to be comfortable in this heat. So here I am on your #InstaRequest, presenting to you 10 of my Summer Styling tips that will help you stay light and breezy. 

1. Avoid Skinnies 

It is very important to stay away from figure-hugging and tight clothing this time of the year; especially the skinny jeans. Due to its close proximity to our bodies, we remain sweaty, sticky and with little to no air passage, we start stinking as well. Another important reason for me is that due to all the sweat I start getting super irritated. I prefer such figure-hugging clothes for winter where I need all the warmth possible to stay cuddly.

2. All things air-y 

Since wearing denim and skinny jeans has been cancelled out, let's see what else is left in our cupboards. I am a lazy one, and almost always reach out for my jeans BUT since they don't prove to be comfortable I have dug up all the other outfits I own: Jumpsuits, Long midi-dresses, Long or Knee length skirts. All of these clothing items allows my skin to breath and keeps away bad odour. Need another reason to wear these? You don't need to wax to wear them. In summer, I would love to do the least amount of work I possible can cause I am so tired from sweating! 😛

10 Super Tips for a Stylish Summer

3. Think Colour 

Wear colourful outfits or use methods of colour blocking to revamp your existing wardrobe. After all, summer-spring is the only time when there's never 'too-much' of colour.   

4. Full-Sleeves 

I always carry around a full-sleeved cardigan when I am travelling in the mornings/afternoons. This proves to be of massive help. Firstly, it protects me from getting tanned. I know there must be a lot of people out there who would love a good tan but I would prefer tanning treatments over simply exposing my partial body to the sun. If I wear half sleeves, half of my skin is fair and the other half is dark now that's not pretty at all. Secondly, living in Dubai means wherever you go there's going to be AC on a full blast, these cardigans also help me stay a little warm when needed. 

10 Super Tips for a Stylish Summer

5. Material 

Whenever choosing an outfit to wear check for what kind of material it is. Cotton, linen and Khadi are natural ones which help us stay cool in the warm weather. Avoid wearing synthetic as they might stick to your body once you start sweating, causing irritation.  

6. Scarf 

Scarfs prove to be multi-purpose accessories. Wrap it around your wrist or ankle or tie it around your handbags. When the sun gets too harsh, protect yourself from the loo and harmful UV rays by quickly covering your head with it; looks stylish and protects one from Mr. Sun. 

10 Super Tips for a Stylish Summer

7. Sunnies

I mean this one is a 'no-surprise'. Get yourself a pair of sunglasses and carry them around all the god damn time. This makes me look cool when I have to go do a grocery run without any make-up on and a tired sleepy face. Always able to hide my puffy eyes! 

8. DIY Projects 

All the people out there who regularly follow my blog must know how I am a big fan of DIY projects and Sustainable fashion. We all have that one shirt which we can cut down to make a beautiful crop top or a pair of jeans that can easily be converted into dungarees. Comment below with a thumbs up if you want a summer DIY project blog post from me! 

10 Super Tips for a Stylish Summer

9.  Flower Power 

As you all can see from all the photos, I am a huge flower girl. I love wearing florals all year long but summers make it a little extra special, making me shine as bright as the sun.

10. Be Yourself

Every season there are a ton of trends that come out, some of them stay and some of them fade away. One such trend is the shorts. They look super sexy, but, I am very uncomfortable wearing the same. Nope, it's not what you are thinking, I am not a conservative person who thinks sexy clothes are a reason why crimes against women are increasing. I don't wear them simply because who has the damn time to wax the damn leg? That's one of the reasons why I am wearing a long dress for this shoot, not shorts. Comfort > Everything else. 

Now that 10 tips are done don't go anywhere because I want to thank each and every one of you for your constant support for the past 1 year! Yes, you heard that right, 30th June 2017 is when I hit publish on my first blog post. And none of what I have achieved could have happened without your support. Hugs and Kisses. 

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