5 Stripey Professional Outfits to Turn on Your Work Mode

With the summer season coming to an end, getting back into the work mode will need a lot of motivation after dreamy beach holidays. One thing that excites me is shopping and just like new books and bags motivate kids for the back to school season, a stylish outfit gets me looking forward to getting back to my desk. With all our money spent on the summer trips, I have put together 5 under 100 AED outfits for 'back to work' season.

Effortlessly Stylish

Striped Twisted Front Dress from Ginger

The knee-length striped shirt dress is easy to slide into on lazy mornings. You would look well put together and ready to meet those deadlines whilst looking effortlessly stylish. The slit in front of the dress adds a different touch and makes it stand out from regular shirt dresses. 

Price: 95 AED (source: Namshi.com)

Epitome of Elegance

Striped Belted Bardot Dress - Ella
Attending a networking event or catching up with girlfriends during the lunch break? The off shoulder striped Bardot dress from Ella has got you covered. With a reasonable price of 77 AED, its light on our pockets and you are sure going to get the 'Stylish Lady in the office' title. Adding on, the belted dress accentuates the beach body belly whilst the full sleeves save you from uneven tan and add an edge to the outfit. Buy.

Comfy Babe

Tie Waist Striped Jumpsuit - Forever 21 
It's Friday morning, one more day to weekend and you wouldn't care less to pair up those trousers with the right shirt to look office-ready for 5 meetings and 10 pending reports. We've all been there. For such lazy almost weekend vibes, throw on this striped jumpsuit; a.k.a one solution to all your problems. The best thing about it? There's nothing more tiresome then keeping a check on your clothes all day long to make sure nothing looks inappropriate or clumsy; this jumpsuit, my friends stays in place and so easy to move about in a busy day.

Price: 89 AED (source: Namshi.com)


Striped Tie Waist Dress - Jacqueline De Yong

When in doubt, wear stripes! By now you must have noticed how all of the outfits are stripey. This buttoned-down shirt dress can be worn for any occasion: networking, lunch meetings, brainstorming sessions or casually sitting on your desk making reports. Apart from its wide elbow-length sleeves, the flexible elastic waist with a tie makes it extra comfortable whilst avoiding the sweaty-betty summer season and is one of the best bets in case you have added a few pounds this holiday season. 

Price: 90 AED (source: Namshi.com)

Jumpsuit Fun

I personally believe orange and black is one of the classiest combinations. The outfit looks super chic and feminine due to the belt. Additionally, the vertical strip makes short people like me look a lot taller and slimmer. In case sleeveless outfit raises eyebrows at your workplace grab yourselves a blazer for added professionalism.

Price: 79 AED (source: Namshi.com)

Just so all of you know, this is not paid content and I gathered this list because I am looking forward to purchasing one of these myself soon (as the paycheck comes in). Let me know how are you guys planning to motivate yourself post-summer-holiday season to get back to work.

Until next time, 
stay janvacious.