Get to Know Me: Answering 10 Random Questions on the Internet

Get to Know Me: Answering 10 Random Questions on the Internet

I popped up on my Instagram on Thursday and asked my #InstaFam if they would like to know more about me or read about my summer closet. The final results were *drum roll* they wanted to know more about me. How sweet. For those who wanted to explore my summer closet, I am going to post about it next week. So without further ado here I am answering 10 random yet intriguing questions off the world wide web! Let's get started, shall we?

1. What is your favourite dish?
A. - There are more than one dishes that I love. The list is a mixture of Indian, Lebanese, Italian and American. My top five favourite picks are Ladies-finger curry, falafel, hummus, white sauce and red sauce pasta, pizza, and Juicy burgers. 

2. What would your perfect room look like? 
A.  My ideal room will have a minimalist appeal to it with light and breezy textures and colours.
One of my favourite home decors is Zoella’s office and home. I wish I have a house like hers someday. 

3. What would be the most adventurous trip to go on?
A. I am not an adventurous person. However, I wish that I can visit places of historical importance. I love exploring the world of kings and queens; visiting an old fort or monument and getting to know how people of earlier times lived and dressed is something I would love. I am a MAJOR fan of The Crown series! Any Claire Foy fans out there? 

4. What songs have you completely memorized? 
A. We will be sitting here for ages if I start listing out all the songs that I have memorized. These days there are songs coming out so quickly and before I memorize the song X, song Y comes out and takes over. There are old ones that I used to listen to on repeat and have it memorized such as Taylor Swift hits Our Song, Ours, Speak Now, and Love Story. Also, Falling Down by Selena Gomez. I do remember newer songs as well such as Kill them with Kindness and Look What You Made Me Do. You must have guessed by now how I am a massive Swiftie and Selenator. 

Get to Know Me: Answering 10 Random Questions on the Internet

5. What pets did you have while growing up? 
A. Are cows considered as pets? In my grandparents’ house (maternal) they owned a cow and a calf. I used to love spending time with the calf and I still remember how I wanted to bring the calf with me to Dubai when I was moving. Someday, I wish I can get a French dog and a cat.

6.  What is something that you like to do the old-fashioned way? 
A. Reading and Dating. Before the era of internet, people used to keep their relationships private and intimate which made it more special. Nowadays, I feel couples posting every single thing about their relationship online zaps out the joy and fun from the relationships. In case of reading, I would prefer sitting near a window with a hot chocolate and a new book where I can underline my favourite lines and fold pages. Also, the smell of fresh new books should be sold as perfume bottles.

7. What are you most determined to do? 
A. I want to run a successful blog where I talk about fashion and lifestyle. Keeping money out of the success equation, I want fashion to be for everyone, not just the rich and the famous. I come from an Indian family and fashion according to most Indians would be skinny models walking on the runway and later worn by famous celebrities on red carpets and award functions. I believe that what a person wears defines him/her and their personality and hence, wear it with pride, wear it with dignity because every piece of clothing sends out a message. If you are a devoted Indian woman who loves the traditional Indian saree, be proud of where it comes from, what it signifies and what it stands for. It is not just a cloth wrapped around a woman, it means so much more. I want fashion to be more accessible to everyone as well. And I hope to send out this message through my blog.

8. What do you wish to know more about? 
A. I wish I knew more about the fashion industry and the human behaviour. Fashion is basically my job and with the ever-changing landscape of this industry, there’s always something you can learn and human behaviour because sometimes it intrigues me how people behave and react to certain situations. It boggles me. 

9. What do you love about your family? 
A. How they put relationships and people before money and other outwardly things.

10. What is your favourite Genere of Books/Movies? 
A. I love watching romantic comedies. 

Get to Know Me: Answering 10 Random Questions on the Internet
Thank you so much for all taking out time to read about me. If there are any other questions that you would like to ask, drop them in the comments section below and I will surely respond to them. 

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