Bath and Body Works Haul and Review [2018]

Bath and Bodyworks Haul and Review [2018]

One of the most exciting blog posts in the past couple of weeks. I and my girls, Smrithi and Apurva, went on a shopping spree recently to Deira City Centre, Dubai and little did we know that the Bath and Body works Buy 3, Get 3 offer would hit us like a tsunami. We went into the mall hoping to shop for our girl Smrithi's Australia trip and we wound up on the Bath and Body Works floor for a whopping 1-2 hours, our noses filled with all kinds of scents by the time we were out with our first ever products. 

Here's a list of things that we got: 

  • Perfume Mists
  1. Magic in the air, 
  2. Thousand Wishes, 
  3. Dark Kiss, and 
  4.  Endless Weekends 
  • Body Creams 
  1. Hello Beautiful, and 
  2. Essentials Oils: Lavender and Sandal Wood


1. Magic in the air 

Bath and Bodyworks Haul and Review - Magic in the air Perfume mist
Magic in the Air Perfume Mist 

I have been using this perfume mist for the past 1-2 weeks on a regular basis and I would say I am full-on satisfied with it. The scent is mild and sweet which makes for a perfect everyday spritz as it doesn't overpower me and those around me. To add on, it has a beautiful packaging with golden and sparkly leaves and a lovely name. On smelling it for the first time, I was a little disappointed since as far as the name goes I was expecting a bit more. But over-all, I would rate it 8/10.

Price: Dhs. 39 (88 ml/ 3 flo oz) and Dhs. 70 (120 ml )

2. Thousand Wishes 

Body and Bodyworks Haul and Review - A Thousand Wishes Perfume Mist
A Thousand Wishes Perfume Mist

The smell is strong, sweet, fruity and has an Arab feel to it at the same time. It is a scent which I would prefer wearing on date night or a night event. It is an evening scent. On the other hand, I would not recommend it to someone whose headaches due to strong smells. People who don't like too sweet fragrances might also find it sickening. Finally, the packaging of the mist is one my favourites amongst all the scents. Overall rating would be, 8/10 

Price: Dhs. 39 (88 ml/ 3 flo oz) and Dhs. 70 (120 ml )

3. Dark Kiss 

Bath and Bodyworks Haul and Review - Dark Kiss Perfume Mist
Dark Kiss Perfume Mist

In terms of fragrance, it has a quite a luxurious touch with a hint of spice and it's more on the stronger side of the perfumes but not as strong as Thousand Wishes. Its mysterious nature and packaging stay true to its name, 'Dark Kiss'. The company could work a bit on the packaging. When checked online, the packaging for US and UAE for the same product are a little different. I prefer the US one rather than the one which we got. The final score for this mist would be 7/10. 

Price: Dhs. 39 (88 ml/ 3 flo oz) and Dhs. 70 (120 ml )

4. Endless Weekend

Bath and Bodyworks Haul and Review - Endless Weekend Mist
Endless Weekend Perfume Mist

This one was so kindly gifted to me by my girl, Smrithi as a pre-birthday gift. She's my bae and knows me all too well. I haven't used it much yet but in love with the packaging, the name and of course, the scent. Honestly, I can't find any flaw in it since its perfect for a girl like me. It's mild, fresh and has a hint of sweetness. Spritz, Spritz and weekend here we come. The best part of it? The freshness aspect of it. Almost all the scents above has the sweetness content but this one is more fresh than sweet. Final score: 8.5/10 

Price: Dhs. 39 (88 ml/ 3 flo oz) and Dhs. 70 (120 ml )

Tip: Do not buy perfume mists in case you want to avoid sweaty odours, mists last only a few hours and are not an ideal choice for a 9 - 5 job in summers for someone who sweats a lot. In case, you want to buy a perfume mist, buy an entire range along with the body cream and shower gel; a combination of all these would magnify the scent and may last longer.  


1. Hello Beautiful 

Bath and Bodyworks Haul and Review - Hello Beautiful Beauty Cream
Hello Beautiful Body Cream

I regret buying it at this time of the year. It is a 24-hour moisturising cream and me wearing it on a sunny day with my oily skin is an absolute disaster. But I would not decrease its score because of my misjudgement of the product. I would save it for the winter-time use instead when my skin is comparatively drier and needs moisturizing. The packaging, however, is as beautiful as its name and my favourite when compared to essential oils cream. Anyone with dry - very dry skin in winter or otherwise would fall in absolute love with the product. I have read several reviews online and all of them very mostly positive. The cream gives a good coverage and the smell is flowery but not too sweet or sickening. When applied on a summer day, the scent lasts for roughly 2-3 hours but would stretch for long hours on a winter day. Rating would be 7.5/10 

Price: Dhs. 32 

2. Essential Oils: Lavender and Sandalwood 

Bath and Bodyworks Haul and Review - Essential Oils: Lavender and Sandalwood Body Cream
Essential Oils: Lavender and Sandal Wood Body Cream

This one is a good choice for summer, does not make the skin look oily and is easily absorbed into the skin and makes it considerably softer. The scent lasts longer than Hello Beautiful cream. The smell is unique; it does have the lavender and sandalwood smell but also, has a spicy hint to it. For anyone with oily skin looking for a body cream, this is the one. On the other hand, this might not be a good option for summer times with temperatures as high as 50 degrees centigrade, one needs a cream with SPF and this clearly doesn't have one. Overall score: 8/10 

Price: Dhs. 32 

That's all we got this time but would love to go in again and purchase some amazing candles. Aaah. Hands up all the candle lovers out there! Until then, let me know your favourite products from bath and body works and any product suggestions, I would love to give it a try. 

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