Pre-Autumn-Winter Look - Downtown Dubai

The title of the blog might have surprised you. Yes, it is the month of August where the Dubai heat is on a full blast but since its only 15-16 days more to September when the temperatures tend to drop a notch, I celebrated by purchasing this outfit last weekend.

Talking about the top, I don't know what it is called exactly but I have seen them around a lot on streets, Instagram and Pinterest so thought why not purchase it? It was not more 15 AED. [If anyone know what style is that called specifically please let me know in the comments section below] I laid my eyes on those flare-y dramatic sleeves and fell in love with it. The skin coloured jeggings were also not more than 20 AED. [Yes, that's right. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive]. I did not want to go for an all-black outfit since that would just not look too good. Secondly, its always adviced by the fashion gurus to pair the dark shades with something lighter. 

I have kept all the accessories in a dark black shade, from my earrings, shoes and even the bag. I bought the bag and the earrings from Mumbai; there's so much good stuff out there. And the boots are from ALDO. 

In terms of make-up, I am a barely-there makeup kind of girl. I am someone who constantly touches my eyes and face and putting on too much makeup is too much to handle. I recently purchased a nude eyeshadow palette, nude matte lip kit and an eyeliner and that's all I have put on for this photo shoot. It keeps things to a minimum and still provides a polished look. 

I think this look is perfectly chic and stylish and probably would be on my go-to list for the early winters in Dubai. The long sleeves and tight jeans providing warmth but truly, not the perfect outfit for summers [I learned that the hardway].

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post. I wanted to try out something different this time. Apart from these clothing items I purchased a few more, keep an eye on this space for more such posts. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead.