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It has been months since I posted something on my blog, life got busy, messy and boring; I had nothing to blog until recently, when I attended the Beauty Pop Event on 19th April 2018.  For anyone who does not know about Beauty Pop read on and those who know to skip the next paragraph.

It is the biggest Beauty event taking place at Dubai Design District; a dream come true for all the creatives out there, on April 19-20 and 21, with makeup & hair masterclasses, panels, and retail experience.

For all those who know me, I don't apply makeup at all except for eye-liner, kajal, lip balm and/or lipstick; yes they are makeup essentials but I don't own a blusher, foundation and all that kind of stuff but that absolutely did not stop me from nervously booking my tickets for the event which was purely makeup and beauty based.

I still remember pressing the 'Payment' button on 18th. Next day I happily printed the ticket just to find that I booked it for 19th instead of 20th, I was wearing a Kurti with little to no makeup or any kind of preparation and to add to my problems my boss was in the office so I couldn't leave the office early either and the event started at 12 noon!

I texted my parents about my mistake and how my 157.50 Dhs (including VAT) were going to a waste since I won't be able to attend. My dad, however, did not give up and suggested we leave at 5 for the event so that I can get some time to explore; the event was from 12 noon to 10 p.m.

The event was held at Dubai Design District near Craft Cafe and one of the master class hosted by Bassam Fattouh was free only for 19th (at least that's what the organizer told me) which originally cost about 2000+

Beauty Pop Event - Dubai. Dubai Design District Venue.

I walked into the event like a boss not caring about the fact that all eyes were upon me since I was some of the only customers out there at the time and looking like I just woke up and walked into the event. Never mind.

I walked around for a bit looking at the various outlets. Some of the beauty names that had their stalls at the event were The Dollhouse, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, OUAI and many others, here I did get nervous since everyone looked so gorgeous out there and I looked like an absolute idiot!

Beauty Pop Event - Dubai The Doll House Stall

Beauty Pop Event - Dubai Getting my nails painted

I stopped at The Dollhouse where the lovely Pooja welcomed me and I chose to get my hideous nails done to a lovely 'in the lobby' shade from the brand Essie. I didn't mind spending another 30 bucks for the nail paint since I didn't want to look like I have come to the event for samples and free food!

Beauty Pop Event - Dubai Essie : in the lobby shade

I walked around looking clueless for a while gathered some free samples from Wojooh (YAY!): Ice Cold Body Lotion, Snow Musk, and Hello Halo Body Lotion, Amber Aura (Review coming up soon!!).  I walked out of the event in less than an hour since I didn't want my dad to keep waiting for me whilst I keep looking like a fool at the event! Haha.

This event turned out to be a great learning experience for me where I learned to be fearless about the way I look at a public event, how to talk to complete strangers and lastly how not to never give up on my dream.

No matter how unprepared I was for the event, I did get a lot to learn and I would like to thank you all for being with me on this journey.

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