How to Style a Dress in 2 Different ways?

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Do you have a dress that sits in the dark corner of your wardrobe that was worn to one of the occasions and never seen again just because similar events don't just come up? Not to mention the amount of time it took us to choose a dress, try it out, get the approval from our friends, boyfriend or even parents and the money spent which can be used to buy McDonald's meal for all the neighbourhood!

Just like you, I own a lot of those, one, in particular, is a black and pink figure-hugging sleeveless dress which I wore for interviews, meetings or occasional formal events. But recently I switched it up during the weekend which not only got me into the vibe but made me look peppy as well.

 Look 1: The Formal 

How to Style a Dress in 2 Different Ways? The Formal Look

This look is all for formal events, interviews or presentations as I mentioned earlier. I like to keep my office style simple and neat which adds on to the professional vibe. I am wearing a pair of leggings, boots and diamond studs. You can never really go wrong with a pair of black leggings since many offices keep their air conditions at a blast and when you can actually request to turn it down there would be others who would want to keep it on. Avoiding such confusions and also any possible dressing mishaps, wearing an extra layer of clothing can always go a long way. For the hairstyle, I have done a ballerina bun, this will keep your hair in place and it is one of the most non-maintenance hairstyle and hence best for work situations. 

Look 2: The Peppy 

How to Style a Dress in 2 Different Ways? The Peppy Look

This look can be perfect for when you want to go out with your girls at night and then crash at their place later on; enough space for the nightwear in the peanuts bag. It can also be worn for a nice walk on a spring day, or for picnics. I have worn black earrings with diamond studs, trainers and not to forget the peanuts bag.  

Finally, these are not the only ways to style up a dress in several ways, this is just one of million ways you can spice things up in your wardrobe. Take out that dress in the dull corner and pair it up with different accessories, hairstyles and shoes to get looks for different occasions!

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