D.I.Y: Ripped Jeans & Styling

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One fine evening when I was scrolling through Pinterest to feed my fashion hungry soul I came across several casual styles which rocked the ripped jeans and I instantly wanted to get it for my wardrobe! However, for a person who is broke as I am couldn't afford it so I decided to DIY it! One of the best parts about DIY-ing is that I can add a personal touch to it, making it unique and 'never-seen-before'.

So, put on your Tailor's hat and collect the following essentials to create your own ripped jeans:

To Rip it:

1. Jeans (duh), preferably faded and old,
2. Scissors,
3. Tweezers, and
4. Colored tailor's chalk

To Design it:

1. Needle and white thread
2. Pen/Pencil/Anything that you can write on a fabric with

Rippin' it:

How to Rip Your Jeans

1. Decide on where you want to give it the ripped look, most people go for near the knees, thigh area and recent trends also show cuts and rips near the buttocks. Make horizontal lines to where you want the cuts with a tailor's chalk.

2. With the help of scissors start making a cut horizontally, cut as big as you wish to. Make sure that you use the tailor's scissors for a well-defined cut.

3. With the help of tweezers start pulling out the threads to give it a rough look and continue it until you get your desired results.

Personalizing it:

How to Personalize Ripped Jeans

1. Decide how would you want to personalize it, write a quote, imprint another design or just a few words. Click Here for ideas.

2. If it is a quote or a specific design start by imprinting it on the jeans using pen, pencil or tailor's chalk. I have gone for the words, Love, and Peace which I have stitched along pocket lines.

3. Start sewing along the lines. I have used the chain stitch (Tutorial).

Looks: To make 'em heads turn!

DIY: Ripped Jeans & Styling. Ripped Jeans with Jumper and jacket
DIY: Ripped Jeans and Styling. Jeans with Cropped Top

DIY: Ripped Jeans & Styling. Ripped Jeans with Tank top

Videos can always prove to be a great help, the video titled ' Salvage Your Jeans | DIY Ripped Distressed Denim ' by Rachel Lee is the best to learn how to re-use those faded old jeans! 

Let me know in the comments below which of the looks did you guys like! Share your photos of personalized ripped denim to me on Instagram & Twitter

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