Favorite Looks From Maria Grazia Chiuri's Dior Shows 2017-18

Favorite Looks From Maria Grazia Chiuri's Dior Shows 2017-18

Being a complete Fashion Newbie I love exploring the world of style through fashion houses like Dior, during the process of which I absolutely fell in love with the Autumn-Winter Haute Couture Show as well as the Ready-To-Wear Show! I'd be going through some of the many amazing looks created by Maria Grazia Chiuri


Grey is the new black! 
             The show was filled with greys, blacks and also popped color here and there. My favorites, however, constitute most of the greys. The designs below beautifully bring out not just the elegance but the boss-girl vibe of today's woman!

Maria Grazia Chiuri Autumn Winter 2017-18 Haute Couture Show

One of the timeless style tips by Audrey Hepburn mentions the magic a belt can have by creating the perfect hour-glass shape on an outfit. The full-length outfits styled with grey/black belts acts as an aesthetic making the models look lady-like

However,  the full-sleeves, collars, and coats in the first two outfits add on to the masculine vibe making the ladies feel business ready. The unique neckline in the 3rd outfit and the sheer tulle-like material in the evening gown shows the versatility & talent in the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri, making the outfits stand out from the rest.   


Christian Dior once wrote in his little book of Fashion, "Among all the colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities", experimenting along these words Maria Chiuri designed 68 stunning silhouettes - draped with sheer cloths and studded with celestial bodies. Some of my favorites from the show are down below

Maria Grazia Chiuri Autumn Winter 2017-18 Ready-To-Wear Show

Beret, the head accessory worn by each model is termed as the "t-shirts of hats" by Stephen Jones, adds the casual touch to the 'red-carpet' style outfits. The concept of a star-filled night sky is graciously embedded in the first 3 outfits of my selection. 

My favorite amongst the top 4 is the sleeveless evening gown with billions of stars sprinkled on it, gleaming in the night sky. The second outfit displays the different phases of the moon, worn on top of the J'Adior shorts along with boots. 

The last two outfits are worn on top of two pieces summing up to give sexy yet elegant vibes. The 3rd outfit is embroidered with star-like dots and the final outfit has is given the floral touch. Many other outfits were also styled with Dior accessories such as the flap bags, lock bags and recent launches such as My Lady Dior.  

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Disclaimer: None of the photos in the blog post belongs to me, they rightfully belong to Dior.

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